Maricielo Villas - PRICE LIST

DMCI : Maricielo Villas For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
2 Bedroom End Unit ₱ 2,719,000 57 sqm
2 Bedroom Inner Unit ₱ 2,231,000 50.5 sqm
3 Bedroom End Unit ₱ 4,366,000 85.5 sqm
Covered Parking ₱ 550,000 12.5 sqm
Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Option 1:
100% cash payment in the list price with 10% discount
Option 2:
20 - 80 (5% discount)
20% spot DP
80% remaining balance through cash or bank finance
Option 3:
30 -70 (6% discount in the list price)
30% spot DP
70% remaining balance through cash or bank finance
Option 4:
40 - 60 (7% discount in the list price)
40% spot DP
60% remaining balance through cash or bank finance
Option 5:
50 - 50 (7% discount in the list price)
50% spot DP
50% remaining balance through cash or bank finance
Additional 2% discount (PDC) can be availed provided complete documents are submitted within 30 days from reservation date.
Closing Fee Options
Scheme 1 : Cash payment : 3.6% of the TCP
Scheme 2 : Down payment period : 4% of the TCP
Scheme 3 : One time payment on RFO date : 4.5% of the TCP

As a potential homeowner in Las Pinas, you probably want to make sure that when you finally find a prestigious place to own a home, what you buy is what you have always wanted. Maricielo Villas has that dream home you have been searching. No matter how much you sacrifice to purchase a unit here, the fact is that you will never regret your decision. In fact, your everyday life will remind you that, indeed, the step you took was worth it. Everyone including those friends of yours who’ve been challenging you will admire your home. Whether you will live forever or sell the property later, the fact is that both investments are profitable. Take a tour today and see the place you might be calling your home soon.

Maricielo Villas is a property that gives you a chance to invest and end your search for your dream home. As you have already noted, things are impressive right from location, amenities, features, and unit models. Don’t take too long to decide. Remember that your friends aren’t sleeping also but are constantly looking for new homes for their families. Act fast and be among the owners of homes in the Maricielo Villas community in the beautiful city of Las Pinas.


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